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JUNE 20, 2013, Massachussets Lawyers WeeklyAG’s secret search of firm’s bank files improper.


Federal Courts Advised: Check Attorney's Credentials
Federal courts nationwide are being advised to do more to make sure the people who seek permission to represent clients in them are in fact licensed lawyers.


Most Class Action Plaintiffs Don't Seek Certification

A recent study shows that plaintiffs in most diversity cases never asked a judge to "certify a class" of those covered in the suit. 


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SEPTEMBER 8, 2017, Boston Globe, Arlington man who lit fire near two sleeping homeless men sentenced to prison


October 21, 2014 - Andrew Stockwell-Alpert appointed to represent Joseph O'Donnell in the Dorchester funeral home case.

Read articles about the case here and here


OCTOBER 17, 2012, Boston Globe, More drug convicts released as lab scandal fallout continues in Suffolk Superior Court


DECEMBER 8, 2010, Blackstonian, Punishments don't always fit the crime